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Air-Pure Systems​​ exclusively designs, manufactures, and markets commercial air cleaners for Honeywell Commercial Air Products. We have led the IAQ field since 1976 in the commercial air cleaners market and are continually adopting new technologies and products as markets and times change. We offer many different air cleaning options to fit your individual needs such as commercial ceiling-mount electronic air cleaners, commercial ceiling-mount media air cleaners, commercial portable media air cleaners, and commercial duct able and stand alone air cleaners.

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Air Cleaner vs Smoke Bomb


What is IAQ?

Indoor Air Quality Lewis Grizzard, a syndicated southern humorist, once asked the question, “What is ground clutter?” in response to a weatherman’s radar report. He went on to ask, “If …

Business Opportunity!

Hello, We are looking to connect with any distributors/dealers that would like to participate in selling Honeywell Commercial Air Products. If you or someone you know would be interested please …