Commercial Air Products
We currently license the Honeywell brand to design and manufacture commercial air cleaners. There are a variety of commercial air cleaners that we offer that perform different functions. Some remove harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) using activated carbon and potassium permanganate. Others can be used to eliminate harmful pathogens by using internal UV lights.



Smarte Carte Inc,

Smart Carte, Inc offers passenger and guest services such as self-serve vended luggage carts, electronic lockers, commercial strollers and massage chairs, and more. Their products include supplying and maintaining luggage carts

We offered manufacturing services to assemble carts for smartecarte up until they could move manufacturing to another location outside the United States.



Hunting Laserscopes

Another previous project had us producing and assembling laser scope rifle attachments.



Aerospace Soldering

An example of what we have worked on in the past for soldering jobs would be installation of RF shields onto circuit boards.



Contract Manufacturing